2015 Mission Report from Carol Ivey, Mission Team Chair

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers  
By Carol Ivey
Have your eyes ever glazed over while pretending to be fascinated by Professor Alyndovski as his droning voice explained for the umpteenth time the seven steps in a statistical analysis?  Are you totally over those ever-changing political polls which pretend to predict who will be our next president?  NUMBERS ARE SOOO BORING!
But not if you are on the Missions Team!  Numbers are SOOO exciting!  Our numbers show that we can humbly hold up our little church, small in number, to any church in the Presbytery for our dedication to mission.  Here are the numbers along with short synopses explaining why we are so drawn to lend support to these extraordinary Christian efforts.  Straight forward.  Easy to understand.  No hidden agenda. This is how we allocated our mission dollars this year:
$4000.          OPC Homeless Ministry
Since its inception, 129 people have been assisted, and only about 40% of the funding has been provided by OPC.  The rest has come through our individual and church partners who have expressed a desire to come along side us.  The greatest needs have been for emergency housing and transportation to reunite recipients with caring family members.
$4700.          Music Mission Kiev
In the past, MMK served, almost exclusively, older widows.  With the current military unrest, they are increasingly serving many  younger widows of soldiers.  As a widow’s pension is very meager, the assistance they receive is sorely needed.  In the last 18 months, MMK has provided, along with grocery needs, much needed electrical, plumbing and window repair to 70 houses of pensioners.
$2000.          Do Good Farm
The shed we painted is being transformed into a vegetable processing building.  The aquaponic farm continues to be developed as a working model for overseas missions to create a sustainable food source.  It is projected that processing the local product will soon create jobs for the W. Orange homeless population.
$4000.          New Beginnings Housing Ministry for Women
Ginny Biggs has a creative vision in which she locates housing units to rent. She then sub-rents them to women who need not only housing, but             a radical turn-around in their lives.  She adds important components of             Bible study, self-esteem building, and mentoring to address the whole             person.
$1000.          Missing Peace
Katy Steinberg (daughter of Larry Kudhill) has begun a new worshipping community in Ormond Beach focusing on the unchurched and dechurched.  She creatively provides physical, spiritual, service, and academic
expression in organic worship that targets the 30-something age group.
$2000.          Christian Service Center:  Love Pantry Project
We have set up a food pantry at Grand Avenue School and shuttle the             week-end food needs of disadvantaged students from Second Harvest Food Bank to the school.  We will also provide clothing and shoes for disadvantaged students as needed.
Matt. 25:40  “…inasmuch as you did it unto one of the least of these my brothers, you did it unto me.”
Unlike Professor Alyndovski’s math, in God’s math numbers just multiply inexplicably.  I am so excited about our dollars’ rippling effect as they ooze through these Christ-centered ministries!  Church does indeed begin when we leave the church.
                               TOUCH – TELL – TEACH – TRANSFORM