Quarter of a Million Mark Reached in Mission Giving, October 2015

 In just three short years, Orlando Presbyterian Church has contributed over 250,000 in Mission Giving. To see the full report, click the link below.

Using Jesus’ parable of the sower as our model, our mission funding has not been seen as charity (giving from a distance) but mission (supporting our partners, looking for the work of God). We sow like a farmer sowing seed, nurturing and touching the power of life, watching for exponential transformation as life nurtured produces new life. The numbers, if anything like Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed, are perhaps 1/100th of what God can do with our offerings of time, energy, prayers, emotional support, and finances  sowed in the power of our partnership with God and with one another in common mission to help transform the world into the kingdom of God for all God’s children.
As we go nowhere by accident, let us intentionally go forward partnering with others, with life, but first and foremost, let us Partner with God in God’s Mission for the world. Let us dream God’s dreams until we have to pray no longer, “Thy Kingdom Come,” for God’s kingdom will be all around us.