Homeless Ministry Fund – an Invitation to Partnership

The need which drove us to create an OPC Homeless Ministry was two-fold;

1. to provide essential financial assistance (that is not readily available from other agencies) to individual and church partners for meeting the needs of the homeless; and
2. to encourage and equip individuals who feel called to face-to-face ministry with the homeless.

Unfortunately there is no shortage of homeless people. However, there is a shortage of quick response funds and of individuals who are willing to step into this type of ministry.

Since the ministry began, almost $17,000 has been invested in the lives of 121 people. We have worked closely with individual advocates who are engaged in a face-to-face ministry with homeless people. Approximately half of those dollars were used to provide transportation across the country to reunite 90 people with supportive family or friends in a home. Most of the remaining funds were used to provide emergency housing for families or individuals facing a critical situation. In addition to helping these 121 people, the advocates who provided the guidance and assistance to the homeless received encouragement in the knowledge that OPC is their partner and will reimburse a portion of their expenditures.

Even though OPC is a small congregation, by partnering with other churches and individuals who engage with the homeless, we have been effective in instilling hope into the hearts of many people who have struggled with the consequences of not having a home. To continue growing this ministry of hope for our homeless neighbors, please consider partnering with us in one or more of the following ways.

1. If your congregation is presently working with homeless people and providing them with financial assistance that is not readily available from other agencies, OPC Homeless Ministry Fund may be able to reimburse up to 50% of your expenditures. In this way, the good work that your congregation is already doing can go even further.
2. If your congregation has dollars remaining in your mission budget that you wish to use to assist the homeless, please consider making a designated gift to OPC’s Homeless Ministry Fund. All funds are held in a separate account, managed by the OPC deacons, and are only used to reimburse churches or individuals who have provided documented financial assistance to a homeless person.
3. If someone from your congregation is feeling led to establish a face-to-face ministry with the homeless, or would like to participate in an already established program, and would like to learn how OPC’s Homeless Ministry could assist, please invite them to contact Dawn Neff at 407-617-3370 or mslavelle1@aol.com.

It is our strong desire to partner with you, our sister PC(USA) congregations, so that together, the lives of our homeless neighbors and those of the advocates ministering to them, will be transformed for His glory.

Grace and Peace,
Dawn Neff