Partnership Model for Mission

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells the parable of the sower. I’m confident you know how it goes. A farmer sows his seed tossing it indiscriminately on the path, the rocky soil, thorn infest soil, and good soil.  The parable shows the power of God and the power of life as the growth from the healthy soil produces from 30 to 100 times what was sown.
Van Gogh offers a wonderful image of the partnership between the sower and the sun and soil. The power of God and life evident in the picture. The farmers faith in the power of God, the power of life, the power of sun and soil is evident in his sowing. His actions show his faith. His actions show his partnership. He doesn’t grow the crop on his own, he just participates fulfilling his role.
The Sower (Sower with Setting Sun) - Vincent van Gogh
The Partnership Model in mission works like the parable and the picture. We partner with others and with God expecting the power of God and life, like with the sower and the seed, grow not arithmetically but exponentially. Here are some recent images of our mission work in partnership with others and with God. Our partnership model looks something like this.
This group of Orlando Presbyterian Members, College Park Member (Bonnie), My Neighbors Children staff, board, and other volunteers, worked together to make this possible.
This group of staff from Florida Children’s Hospital packed 20,000 meals.
In a similar fashion, some of us worked to help this happen with the executives of Florida Hospital at their conference down in Ft Lauderdale.
This group of people committed toward helping end the suffering of many through health care packed over a quarter of a million meals. This event helped nurture the new partnership with Florida Hospital.
Now with Florida Hospital working with us and our partners in Haiti, we trust God to bring similar growth, bigger and more powerful with greater potential than we can imagine on our best days. Our goal together for 2016 is to help provide healthcare for 500 children in the partnership system of orphanages and children’s homes nurtured by My Neighbor’s Children. Here is an inside look at how that partnership has developed, how we’ve been a part of it and what the future looks like for us, My Neighbors Children, Florida Hospitals, and God’s Work with our friends in Haiti.
Last Summer, Cris, Carrie, William, and I met with Pastor Bob LaFranc (big man on left) and Pastor Yvon Pierre (not quite as big of a man on the far right).
We brainstormed how we might get their stories out to others about the children’s homes, orphanages, schools, and all the committed people who devote themselves to the lives of the children God has entrusted into their care. We dreamed of a possible video to begin telling their stories. Even our biggest dream fell short of what is happening in this new partnership.
Florida Hospital brought in bigger and better resources for storytelling. The first video will be used by Florida Hospital to help raise resources including physicians, medical equipment, and money to help provide health care for our partner orphanages and children’s home as well as the surrounding communities in Haiti including using the clinic we helped transfer to My Neighbors Children. We will also be able to use the extended hours of video footage to tell the stories of other orphanages, ministries, and to invite others to participate with My Neighbors Children and with us as we seek to continue to lead the way in developing our model of Mission Partnership and explore all the miraculous works that God might make known to us locally and abroad.
Here is the most recent cut of the Florida Hospital video.

Operation Sunshine – 2016In the video, there is no mention of Orlando Presbyterian Church and our work. That’s not the purpose. Our part in opening the door to deeper participation in Haiti for both My Neighbors Children, Florida Hospital, and other partners is like the job of the sower. We sow the seed and watch it grow. The Mission Partnership model is one of power by partnering with the sun and The Son, with life and the Lord of Life. We are God’s partners. The growth God brings of our efforts is up to God’s will and choosing. We will just use our will to try and bring our efforts as close to the will of God as we are able. That’s what God’s partners do.