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Each week corporate worship seeks to enact all four elements of our Vision; TOUCH, TELL, TEACH, to TRANSFORM.  In our overall blended service, worshippers are asked to share joys and concerns so that together we can ask God to TOUCH lives with God’s healing grace. Regular mission activity updates also connect us with ways we can meet human needs.  We TELL the Good News of Christ’s redeeming love, in sermon, music and with lay participation in leading worship.  Sermons particularly TEACH discipleship, as the preacher frequently engages the congregation in dialogue and challenges them to risky Christ like living. Worship at OPC is filled with warmth, laughter, sometimes tears, the Word and Christ’s presence through the Holy Spirit. In that mixture, indeed lives are TRANSFORMED!

Music and Arts


The Ministry of Music and Arts serves to give expression of our faith. Music has a unique ability to uplift the spirit and give voice to the joys, sorrows, and aspirations of the human heart. At OPC this relationship between religious faith and the arts is expressed in a program of artistic excellence as a part of regular worship, special services, and concerts.

Throughout the year, talented professionals, students, children, and volunteers inspire and challenge us. The OPC Choral Ensemble, leads worship in a wide variety of choral music from Palestrina to Spirituals and everything in between! If you are interested in joining us in this ministry, please contact the church.


prayer-primer-2We take time in worship to celebrate God’s grace poured out. Our “Joys and Concerns” time can extend for several minutes as people share the burdens & blessings on their hearts. Our silent prayer time can extend for minutes, as the whole congregation lifts up these burdens and blessings to the Lord. We are encouraged to write down prayer requests and continue to pray during the week. We also share online prayer requests via email and Facebook.


Because we don’t own a space, we are free to go an worship in other locations as well as the sanctuary of Grace Covenant Presbyterian. On Easter Sunday, we held our Sunrise Service at the home of Jim and Betty Robinson. We have also worshiped during Lent and Easter with our Partners in Ministry at Washington Shores Presbyterian.

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